Retreats and refreshing

Mon 22 to Fri 26 April 2024

Mike Leigh & Shaun Lambert

Whilst living in community Mike and Shaun developed a unique fusion of mindfulness and song, where they explore practical access points to spirituality, wellbeing and community. Come and join them …

Space to welcome you at Scargill
Mon 29 April to Fri 3 May 2024

Adrian & Esther Stone

A refreshing week of inspiring worship, teaching and retreat space. A time to remember who you are and where you fit into God’s plan… This week we will be providing …

Full, with waiting list
Mon 3 to Thu 6 June 2024

Scargill Community

Phew! Just when you thought you couldn’t go on, along comes a weekend at Scargill designed just for you! Drop everything and book in for a rest and a treat. …

Full, with waiting list
Fri 21 to Sun 23 June 2024

Adrian & Bridget Plass

Jazz musicians value bass players. Rhythm and momentum are held by the bass note, a reliable platform that supports and enriches melody. Church communities can suffer, metaphorically, from lack of …

Space to welcome you at Scargill
Mon 24 to Fri 28 June 2024

Shaun Lambert

Mindful formation enables us to find our true self – the spacious God-given space within. As we inhabit our true self through contemplative and biblical wisdom and spiritual practices, we …

Space to welcome you at Scargill

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