Making a legacy in your will allows causes close to your heart to benefit from your generosity.

Leaving a legacy to Scargill, however large or small, will make a real difference to our work. We are running a pilot exercise which gives friends and supporters of Scargill the opportunity to have a simple will written at no cost.  It is as much about getting rid of the hurdle of getting ‘around to it’ as anything else; we so often attend to the urgent things, but we forget the really important ones!

A few words from Phil, our Director:

“This page is about the significant role that legacies have in the Scargill Movement that we all love.  I commend it to you, as it comes to help us all to think through this important part of our lives, and the impact that our legacy can have upon so many.  After all, we are in the business of ‘lives shared, lives transformed’, and this can transform so many by leading them to the love of God.”  Phil Stone

How it’s done …

It works very simply and safely.  If you would like to, Scargill Movement pays for a simple will to be written free by a qualified solicitor; all you do is give Scargill your name and address.  We pass this onto the National Free Wills Network, of whom we are members, and they send you the addresses and phone numbers of six local participating solicitors, one of whom you may choose to contact.  There is no obligation on your part to include Scargill Movement (although, of course, if you care to remember us we would be very grateful!).

If there are any other questions that you would like to ask, then please call us for a chat on 01756 760515 or else drop us a line to

Scargill Movement: making a difference after I have gone

It can be difficult to face the question of what happens to our possessions after we have died. However, one of the kindest things we can do is to communicate our wishes clearly and put our affairs in order so that our passing will not place undue burden on the loved ones we leave behind.

Here at Scargill Movement we are encouraging people to make their wills as a part of their Christian stewardship, and also inviting our supporters to consider remembering us through a legacy in their will!

What is a legacy?

At the centre of our faith is the desire to give! The good news of the gospel is the most important part of that: we have received so much and we want to give what we have discovered to others.  Many of us have been brought up to give materially, too. Whether it is a tithe (10% of our income; or less, or more) we see the need to reflect the generosity of God’s love for us by helping others.

A legacy is, if you like, the final expression of what we want to give to others.  It is made up of so much: our life and values, the things we have done, and the people whose lives we have touched. If we have been blessed with material riches, we will want to find a safe home for them too. Obviously, we want to see our ‘nearest and dearest’ looked after, but we can also give part of our estate to the work of the gospel.

Why should we make a legacy gift?

Legacies currently make up 5% of Scargill Movement’s income and we would like to see that increase. Leaving a legacy is a lasting way to give a gift to Scargill Movement that costs nothing in our lifetime and won’t prevent us from being able to provide for loved ones.

Scargill Movement has played a significant part in so many people’s lives: many have met God in a major way here; some have come at key moments of change in their lives; others have met life partners here! Remembering Scargill Movement in your will ensures that we can continue to impact people’s lives long into the future.

How do you go about leaving a legacy?

You will need to insert some special wording into your will, or if a small change is sufficient, a codicil. Your solicitor will do this for you.

Who should be named as beneficiary?

To avoid confusion with the charity which previously owned Scargill House (prior to 2009), please ensure that you name as your beneficiary Scargill Movement, Registered Charity Number 1127838. This exact wording is important (see below) to avoid your legacy going to a different charity.
What sort of legacy could you leave?
There are three types of legacy you could leave:

      • A residuary legacy – a gift of all or a percentage of your estate
      • A pecuniary legacy – a gift of a specified sum of money
      • A specific legacy – where you would donate a specific item, such as a painting.

Do you need to tell us?

You don’t have to tell us if you are leaving us a bequest in your will, but it would be very helpful to us if you chose to do so. This simple form would provide us with the relevant information. Completing this form will not make your legacy binding in any way, and it will remain absolutely confidential.

What if your will already contains a legacy to the Scargill Movement?

If you have already been so kind as to make us a beneficiary of your will, you will need to double-check the wording. If your will names ‘Scargill House’ or ‘Scargill House Ltd’ as beneficiary, your legacy may not come to us, but to a different charity which has had no connection with us since 2009. If you would like to benefit the ministry of the current Scargill House, please ensure that you correct the wording to show the beneficiary as Scargill Movement, Registered Charity Number 1127838. A solicitor can help you to make any necessary changes via a codicil.

Our thanks

We are very thankful to people who do this!  It ensures that we are doing our bit to hand on the blessings that we have known to succeeding generations.  It means that the truth of ‘lives shared, lives transformed’ will carry on, and we will be able to be ‘fit for purpose’ and blessing people’s lives into the future.

So what should I do now?

If you want to be a part of this Free Will offer then please call us for a chat on 01756 760515 or else drop us a line to  We can then arrange for you to be sent the names and addresses of local participating solicitors.  You can choose who to go to and get the advice that you need making the Will that you are happy with.

Download our legacy form…

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