Making a legacy in your will allows causes close to your heart to benefit from your generosity. Leaving a legacy to Scargill, however large or small, will make a real difference to our work.

Legacies are not subject to inheritance tax, so we will receive the full value of your bequest. It is not a complex matter to arrange a legacy, but you will need to take note of a few important details:

Who should be named as beneficiary?

To avoid confusion with the charity which previously owned Scargill House (prior to 2009), please ensure that you name as your beneficiary Scargill Movement, registered charity number 1127838. This exact wording is important (see below), to avoid your legacy going to a different charity.

What if your will already contains a legacy to Scargill?

If you have already been so kind as to make us a beneficiary of your will, you will need to double-check the wording. If your will names ‘Scargill House Ltd’ as beneficiary, your legacy will not come to us, but to a different charity which has had no connection with us since 2009. If you would like to benefit the ministry of the current Scargill House, please ensure that you correct the wording to show the beneficiary as Scargill Movement, reg charity no 1127838. A solicitor can help you to make any necessary changes.

What sort of legacy could you leave?

There are three types of legacy you could leave:

  • A residuary legacy — a gift of all or part of your estate
  • A pecuniary legacy — a gift of a specified sum of money
  • A specific legacy — where you would donate a specific item, such as a painting.

These are explained in a little more detail in the PDF which can be downloaded from this page (see below).

How do you go about leaving a legacy?

You will need to insert some special wording into your will. Ideally, you should use a solicitor to do this for you. We have developed a simple clause for each of the three types of legacy listed above, which will help to would ensure that your legacy would correctly reach us — these clauses are in the PDF which you can open from this page.

Do you need to tell us?

You don’t have to tell us if you are leaving us a bequest in your will, but it would be very helpful to us if you were to choose to do so. A simple form (see PDF below) would provide us with the relevant information. Completing this form would not make your legacy binding in any way, and it would remain absolutely confidential.

Download the legacy form (PDF)…