Our Vision & Values

Scargill’s most important mission is to provide generous welcome to all who find their way through our doors, and to make space for the mysterious transforming love of God to work in people’s lives.

The power of hospitality

For over 50 years, the hospitality offered in this beautiful place has provided a space for people to encounter God and for Him to work in their lives. Gospel hospitality is about giving God’s welcome, a reception both generous and unconditional. As one of our Pathway promises puts it (our rule of life): “We can learn and improve in our efforts to strengthen the bonds of love and in our determination to welcome visitors and strangers as we would welcome Jesus himself.”

At Scargill, we hope that our resident community, our landscape and our expression of spirituality will prove enjoyable, inspirational and even, at times, challenging for those who pass through.

Our vision and values

We are…

  • a Christian movement with its home in the Yorkshire Dales, where an intentional community representing many Christian traditions is committed to a common rule of life and service.

We believe…

  • that lives are transformed by the love of God in Jesus Christ.

We aim…

  • through hospitality to all, to share lives changed by faith
  • to send our guests home with new vision and purpose
  • to model and promote responsible stewardship of creation
  • to help guests and Community alike to gain and be enriched by a vision for community
  • to keep Christ and prayer firmly at the centre of all we do

We offer…

  • a resident, caring Community of people with prayer at their heart
  • hospitality to individuals and groups of all ages, backgrounds and denominations
  • a varied programme of events for all tastes and needs
  • opportunities for creativity and personal development
  • a Community practising both ecological and sustainable stewardship of God’s creation