Interests and crafts

Mon 4 to Fri 8 March 2024

Jayne Shepherd

A retreat for textile crafters – explore the healing power of working with thread, linking with mindfulness and prayer. This event is for those who make lace of any kind …

Space to welcome you at Scargill
Fri 26 to Sun 28 April 2024

Adrian & Bridget Plass

When I wanted to become a Christian writer someone said, ‘Read Christian stuff and see how it’s done.’ They might have added, ‘Then do something completely different.’ Brilliant advice, that …

Special booking arrangements
Mon 13 to Fri 17 May 2024

Hugh Firman & Lisa Chadwick-Firman

Scargill lies in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales with its magnificent limestone scenery and wonderful wildlife. Habitats ranging from heather moorlands to meadows, woodlands and rivers are home to …

Full, with waiting list
Mon 20 to Fri 24 May 2024

Helen Brocklehurst and Mike & Alison Leigh

After the popularity of our bread making workshops here at Scargill, we couldn’t resist offering a whole week of bread making! The week will include reflections and discussion with lots …

Full, with waiting list
Mon 20 to Fri 24 May 2024

Bill Leeson & Steve Rathbone

If you just love to get out on your bike, why not join us for a week of cycling on the quiet roads of the Yorkshire Dales, made famous first …

Full, with waiting list
Fri 24 to Sun 26 May 2024

Jane Gamble

Paint with joy, and learn how to put light into your work. Jane says: ‘My light-hearted classes are for everyone: whether you’re confident, or new and wobbly! You’ll learn lots …

Space to welcome you at Scargill
Mon 17 to Fri 21 June 2024

Michelle Gillam-Hull

A week learning a selection of warm and cold glass processes, along with short, thought-provoking reflections, beautiful scenery and good food. A gentle paced break with time to relax, have …

Full, with waiting list
Mon 1 to Fri 5 July 2024

Janet Heighton

Immerse yourself in photography as we learn to see with ‘the eyes of the heart’. Short talks and practical exercises, in the beautiful grounds of Scargill, will enable us to …

Space to welcome you at Scargill

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