Interests and crafts

Fri 26 to Sun 28 November 2021

Diane Stone

I always try to experience more of God’s peace and presence during the often hectic weeks prior to Christmas, and have found it helpful to set aside a special time …

Full, with waiting list
Mon 24 to Thu 27 January 2022

Jayne Shepherd & Alison Leigh

Companionship and Crafting! After much crafting alone during the recent past, now is an opportunity to get crafty together! Come and enjoy your favourite craft – it might be weaving, …

Space to welcome you at Scargill
Mon 7 to Fri 11 February 2022

Helen Brocklehurst and Mike & Alison Leigh

After the popularity of our bread making workshops here at Scargill, we couldn’t resist offering a whole week of bread making! The week will include some short reflections with lots …

Space to welcome you at Scargill