Interests and crafts

Mon 7 to Fri 11 February 2022

Helen Brocklehurst and Mike & Alison Leigh

After the popularity of our bread making workshops here at Scargill, we couldn’t resist offering a whole week of bread making! The week will include some short reflections with lots …

Full, with waiting list
Mon 7 to Fri 11 March 2022

Jayne Shepherd

A retreat for textile crafters – explore the healing power of working with thread, linking with mindfulness and prayer. Time set aside for those who make lace of any kind …

Full, with waiting list
Mon 2 to Fri 6 May 2022

Michelle Gillum-Hull & Diane Stone

A week learning a selection of warm and cold glass processes, along with short, thought-provoking talks, beautiful scenery and good food. A gentle paced break with time to relax, have …

Full, with waiting list
Mon 23 to Fri 27 May 2022

Hugh Firman & Lisa Chadwick-Firman

Scargill lies in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales with its magnificent limestone scenery and wonderful wildlife. Habitats ranging from heather moorlands to meadows, woodlands and rivers are home to …

Full, with waiting list