Friends and Companions

If you’d like to support Scargill House in our work, one of the best ways is to become a Friend or a Companion.

This means a deeper connection with us, regular news, chances to get involved, and the opportunity to come to a special weekend here every year. In turn, we benefit from your continued friendship, your prayer support, and a little financial extra.

What are ‘friends’ of Scargill?

Friends are like the ‘Partners’ of the old Scargill, and have a deep love for the place. They may want to pray for the community and the life of the Scargill Movement; they may want to become Working Friends, join a working party, and/or give financially to our work.

What are ‘companions’ of Scargill?

Companions may also be Friends (and usually are), but they have also decided to follow the Scargill Pathway. This is the collection of promises which the resident community takes during their time at Scargill.

What you’ll receive

In addition to staying in close contact with us and knowing you are benefiting us through your prayers, Friends and Companions all receive the Scargill newsletter. Every year, we have specific events in our programme for Friends and Companions, when we invite you to come and celebrate God’s goodness and our life together. These are offered at reduced rates.

How to become a Friend or Companion

If you would like to explore becoming a Friend or Companion, please contact us.

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