The Scargill Community offers a wide variety of teaching and training on creative, Biblical and lifestyle subjects and in many different ways.

Our year-round programme of events covers such themes as:

Sometimes these are led by the Scargill community; sometimes they are held at Scargill but led by a speaker we’ve invited (for example, the ‘creation’ week was delivered by A Rocha).

Teaching during your church weekend away

We particularly welcome churches for their time away (whether for the whole church,  an Alpha weekend, or a youth weekend, etc). If you want to deliver all the training yourselves, we’ll provide accommodation, meals and perhaps some entertainment. Alternatively, you can ask us to provide some or all of the taught content.

Scargill as a venue for your own event

If you would like to deliver your own training event and need a venue, please talk to us. We welcome bookings for support groups, artists’ workshops etc, where you market the event and deliver the training, but we offer the facilities, a warm welcome and a superb venue.

Please note we are unable to offer our facilities as a wedding venue.

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