Future plans

Our goal is to continue developing Scargill as a centre of welcome, spiritual refreshment and challenge for Christians and non-Christians alike.

As we have lived and worked with the buildings at Scargill, we have learned a lot about what works and what we need to develop. This work will take place in phases so that we can raise the funds, and to enable Scargill to remain open to guests through as much of the development as possible. As a result, some of this planned work will happen within a few years, and some within a few decades – we are planning for the long term.

These are some of the plans that we have – big and small, short and long term. The timing and order in which they happen will depend on available funds and the needs that arise as the ministry continues to develop:

  • redeveloping and improving the Reception area, signage and exterior lighting
  • replacing the roof on the Marsh Lounge (which currently leaks) with a design that keeps the character of the room but does not require internal pillars, making the space much more flexible
  • redesigning the whole of the Three Peaks wing of the house to a multi-use area, giving us a flexible and slightly separate space for youth work or other groups wanting their own programme
  • relocating the kitchen and extending the dining room to create more dining spaces and better circulation in the middle of the house
  • redeveloping the internal layout of the main house upstairs to create more bedrooms, with a mix of en suite and shared facilities, including lift access and better provision for disabled guests
  • demolishing and rebuilding part of the community accommodation

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