Pastoral care

Scargill House is a place of peace and safety, a place to come and be yourself – whatever that means; wherever you are right now.

It’s a place to be honest and real, and to receive a warm welcome whether you’re already in a good place or are hurting for whatever reason.

Spiritual, physical and emotional refreshment

People come to Scargill for all sorts of reasons. These may be spiritual, but we also welcome people without a faith. People can come to us for a change of scenery, to rest when they are tired, or to recover and find some space to think when they are going through emotional times.

We offer prayer and support

If you’re struggling in your spiritual life, we would be very happy to pray for and/or with you. We can listen and talk to you in complete confidence about what’s going on in your life. Alternatively, all of our guests are welcome to attend community prayers three times a day, when prayer can also be offered silently or aloud.

We may be able to help at times like these:

  • When you’re exploring the Christian faith
  • When you’re trying to reclaim the Christian faith you once had
  • When you’re feeling hurt or seek some kind of healing
  • When you’re listening out for God’s will in your life

Pastoral careWe offer a place of retreat

Sometimes people just need to get away from the hurly-burly of life by going on a retreat and making use of a period of quietness and reflection (our retreats usually include times of silence).


Scargill is committed to safeguarding and has a rigorous policy of ensuring all those who offer pastoral care are capable of doing so. You can view our safeguarding policy here.

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