Youth and children

Young people, children and families will find a warm welcome at Scargill!

Families, children and young people find their way through the doors of Scargill in all sorts of ways.

School holidays are a particularly exciting time to bring children and young people to Scargill. Our half terms are often themed around a particular story. Some of our recent favourites have been Paddington, Narnia and The Hobbit.  Great effort is put into transforming the house into a space where the young people can explore their faith in the context of stories they know and love, with friends new and old.


Ella w& wSummerfest is an ideal time to get all the family together to enjoy a great holiday in the Dales. In recent years we have welcomed many three generational family groups (grandparents, parents & children) to Summerfest, and one year had the honour of four generations!

Church Weekends

As part of your church weekend away our children’s and youth team will be happy to provide sessions alongside the adult sessions in the mornings. We are able to provide up to two hours provision per day.

Youth Groups

Scargill House is an excellent location to bring your youth group. Either to use us as a base and get outside to explore the Dales, or for more formal breaks of fellowship, bible teaching and prayer. It is of course possible to combine the two! Please speak to our Group Bookings Coordinator or Youth and Children’s team leader to discuss how we can help. Bursaries are available.

Schools, Colleges and Universities

youthIt is always a joy to welcome schools, colleges and universities here for either the day, or for a longer retreat. We have had schools bring groups here for a weekend of exploring what it means to be confirmed as a follower of Jesus, Christian unions from schools enjoying a weekend of fun and bible study, as well as schools bringing individual year groups here as part of their curriculum studies. including a year 6 post SATs retreat.

Meet the Team

youth teamOur youth and children team is a mixture of full Community Members, International Community Volunteers and Working Friends. All our regular youth team are DBS checked, and we ensure each group is led by one of our team. The youth and children’s team at Scargill would be delighted to provide a fun programme for your children and young people rooted in Christian teaching during the adult session times.

Sessions for children and young people

Sessions are usually two 1 hour blocks running alongside the adult programme. Most of our sessions will take place at the top of the house where the children can make use of the art block, games room and den, getting messy and loud, without being in the grown ups way. If the weather is suitable we just love to get the young people out enjoying activities on the estate, so make sure you pack suitable clothing and footwear!

We are glad that people of all ages often feel instantly at home here at Scargill and often find that gives children and young people a freedom to explore independently of their grown ups, and some very lovely friendships have been made this way at Scargill. That said, in the interests of creating an enjoyable environment for all our guests, and keeping all the young people on site safe, we ask for the support of parents and carers in knowing where their young people are and in encouraging them to treat others and their surroundings with respect.

Outside of the organised sessions the children and young people are the responsibility of their parents and carers. Children aged 12 and under must have an adult with them to participate in the afternoon workshops and walks.

Babies and Toddlers

We know how difficult it can be being away from home with small children, and how much equipment you need to take! If you let us know in advance we can provide a cot in your room for any little ones and set up the dining room with a high chair and a small person friendly table setting. There is a kitchen available for our guests with a microwave, fridge and toaster for making snacks outside of our regular mealtimes. There will be a supply of bread, butter and jams, as well as tea, coffee and milk for the grown ups!

There is a small playroom available for parents and carers to use with their pre school children. We ask that children are supervised in this area and any toys taken from it are returned.

We are only able to offer creche for babies (from 9 months old) and toddlers during the first hour of the adult sessions. If at all possible we may take the little ones to our playground.

Additional needs

In order to best meet the individual needs of a child or young person you are bringing to Scargill House, we would find it really helpful if you could discuss any additional needs a child has before visiting. That way the team can work together with you to see how we can include all children in what Scargill has to offer. We are committed to finding ways to make it work on a case by case basis.  Unfortunately, we are unable to offer one to one care for any individual child. On occasions it may be necessary for an adult from your party to attend the youth and children’s sessions with a child that has additional needs. We know that being a full time carer for a child with additional needs can be tiring, so please feel free to speak to us about funding to bring an extra adult along to help out.

Safety first

Scargill is committed to safeguarding and has a rigorous policy of ensuring all those who work with your children and young people are capable of doing so. You can view our safeguarding policy here.  All our regular youth team are DBS checked, and we ensure each group is led by one of our team.

We require a completed registration form for each child we are being asked to care for before they take part in any of our sessions. To make this as easy as possible you can complete the form online here Registration Form. We love children here at Scargill and it is a lovely place for children to have a little freedom and explore, but like all environments there are potential hazards, so we would like to remind all parents and carers that outside of the session times they are responsible for their childrens safety.

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