A call to hospitality

All members of community believe we’re called to offer hospitality while living in an intentional Christian community.

We offer our guests an opportunity to come and be part of that community for a period of time as we provide the space they need for relaxation, learning something new, being challenged, allowing God to move, or almost anything else.

What sort of hospitality do we offer?

We believe we’ll never stop learning how to be hospitable, but for now we’d sum it up as ‘love, laughter and life’. We remind our guests of the importance of being themselves — the person God made them and calls them to be. We provide a safe space for laughter and/or tears, and for different kinds of ministry, such as prayer or pastoral care, if that’s what our guests would like.


Where is this hospitality offered?

Our guests come to Scargill House on our beautiful 90-acre estate in the Yorkshire Dales. We’re slowly restoring the house, and have recently replaced the windows in our three Peaks block, as well as redecorating, and hope before the summer to replace all the beds and soft furnishings. There are also plans to significantly develop our facilities in the future. Also we offer plenty of good, wholesome food, sourced locally wherever possible, which we all share together. We pray that our guests will go home feeling renewed in every sense: spiritually, physically and emotionally.

How can you experience Scargill’s hospitality?

  • Booking onto one of our residential events (usually a weekend or mid-week) where we mix ministry with activities
  • Attending one of our day events, which are usually focused around learning or a particular activity
  • Coming on one of our ‘Summerfest’ holidays (in August every year)
  • Bringing a group to Scargill for a day or longer (such as a conference, a youth group, an orienteering course or a church weekend away)
  • Visiting as a private guest and arranging your own days
  • Helping out with one of our estate working holidays.

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