Rule of life

All Scargill Community Members and International Community Volunteers follow a rule of life, which we call our pathway promises.

Scargill is part of an emerging church movement called ‘new monasticism’, and our rule of life is one of the things we share with traditional monastic orders.

Our pathway promises

With the creative assistance of the Holy Spirit, by following the example of Jesus, and with encouragement and guidance from the brothers and sisters who share this pathway, we try our very best to:

  • speak often and regularly to our heavenly Father, on our own and with others, as well as unwrapping God’s gift of the Bible, allowing it to teach, illustrate, comfort and discipline.
  • offer everything we do and are to our heavenly Father to use as he wishes, trusting that he will enable us to mean it, and to endure the consequences.
  • enjoy and carefully look after whichever part of the world has been generously entrusted to us by God.
  • strengthen community through kindness and love, being sensible enough to keep the moaning inside and a smile on our faces until the right moment arrives to honestly release our complaints. Our goal is to be consistently, constructively loving.
  • welcome visitors and strangers as we would welcome Jesus himself, putting their needs before ours and treating each one as a royal guest.
  • speak up bravely for people who are rarely heard, helping our heavenly Father to fulfil his dream of seeing the hungry fed, the sick looked after, the naked clothed and victims of injustice released from their chains.
  • enjoy giving and receiving lots of treats – and laugh often.

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