Tell others

All over the UK and beyond, we need local ‘Scargill ambassadors’ to tell other people about Scargill House. Could that be you?

In your local church, or perhaps where you work, you could help and support us by keeping others up to date with what’s happening at Scargill. That might mean:

  • Talking to other people about Scargill House
  • Praying for Scargill, and encouraging others to pray also
  • Displaying Scargill posters, programme of events and newsletters
  • Telling your leaders about events at Scargill which might be useful to them
  • Suggesting Scargill as a venue for your parish weekend
  • Suggesting Scargill as a retreat for busy people
  • Promoting financial support for Scargill.

If you think you could do this for us locally and would like to get involved, please contact us.

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