What people say

“My heart continues full of thanks to God for the days I spent with you.
For the teaching, for learning new ways to ponder and reflect on God’s love and his message – thank you.
For my comfortable, clean, warm room – thank you.
For spiritual direction and compassion – thank you.
For the good food, prepared and served – thank you.
For the love and warmth than surrounded me from all the community as you shared your lives with me and played your part in transforming mine – thank you.”

Warmth and welcome

“Everyone I spoke to said that they felt settled in and welcomed on their first visit, and on their second they were family.”

“We were made to feel extremely welcome and loved. Thank you.”

“The best part of Scargill is the hospitality of community. You make us feel part of the home, but also treat us as valued guests. Thank you.”

Relaxation and refreshment

“A thought-provoking, relaxing and energising time.”

“I’m going home renewed, rested, invigorated and ready to face challenges with enthusiasm.”

“Real blessing from God – a good time in a ‘safe’ environment – especially for people alone.”

Teaching, worship and prayer

“Scargill is a safe place in which to say dangerous things.”

“Sensitive and witty teaching, and creative worship.”

“Thank you for spending time to pray with me – I valued it tremendously.”


“Food excellent, varied and served with great friendliness and courtesy.”

“I really appreciated the care that was taken to meet my dietary needs – it was done with love and I wasn’t made to feel like a nuisance.”

“Best ever! The standard is excellent. People will do well to just come for the food!”

Families and fun

“Children felt secure, teens felt at ease, I felt open to God and at peace to know what God was saying.”

“BRILLIANT – worked for the whole family.”

“So good to be able to ‘play’ as an adult. Can’t think of anywhere else where you can do that.”

Church Weekend away

“Having been on Church weekends for many years this is the first time we have been hosted by a Christian community. The difference has been unbelievable. The care, concern, and love shown has been appreciated by everyone.”

Building and location

“The comfortable new en suites are a real blessing, with wonderful views and a lovely bathroom – a great improvement.”

“The grounds and scenery have a ‘wow’ factor – enjoying the birds on the feeders is magic!”

“The Chapel is amazing, as is the view from the Sun Lounge – it is a pleasure to see the pheasants, little birds and squirrels, with the trees and hills beyond.”


“Couldn’t have been made more welcome. Love just oozes from everywhere (ugh, sorry…). You’re such an amazing community, showing such interest in us all, giving yourselves to us with grace and genuine loving care.”

“A wonderful weekend. When small problems were pointed out they were sorted out very quickly – thank you.”

“A real blessing – keep doing what you are doing – it’s pure gold.”

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