Youth and children

Child & young person registration form

Registration form for children and young people attending sessions at Scargill House

  • Personal Details

  • Medical information/Allergies

  • Is your child currently taking any medication?

  • Please tick to agree to the following statements

  • Additional Needs

    Please contact the Youth Team on 01756 760500 if you would like to discuss your child, or young person's needs directly
    Unfortunately, Scargill cannot provide one - to -one care or sessions, so for some children with specific additional needs it may be necessary for the family to provide an adult to support them in the sessions. Bursary money can be made available for a family to bring an additional carer with them if this is what is needed to fully include the child or young person in all our activities. It would be expected that this adult would attend all activities with the child.
  • Appropriate Clothing

    Please ensure that your child comes to sessions in clothing that could be worn outside - especially footwear. We will inform you in advance if we areplanning to go up onto the estate, in which case, long trousers, suitable footwear and a waterproof coat are recommended. If your child requires sun cream or insect repellent please ensure you apply this before each session.
  • A Creche will run for one hour during the first adult session. This is for any children that have not yet started Primary School full-time.

  • Collection at the end of each session

  • Out of Session Responsibilities

  • Photograph Consent

  • Thank you for your cooperation. This form will be retained for 12 months from the date of the event. We look forward to welcoming you, your children, & young people very soon. Blessings from The Scargill Youth Team