Scargill House has been steeped in prayer since it became home to a community over 50 years ago. In our vulnerability we depend on the grace of God to supply our every need and to reveal our place in his mission. We are very grateful for your prayer support.

The Scargill prayer

Please feel free to pray this prayer for and with us, to the Father who is always listening:

Gracious Father, thank you for the resurrected Scargill. Thank you for calling many people to be part of this amazing venture, and for being our guide as we journey together. Keep our hearts soft and open to the leading of the Holy Spirit, so that Scargill can be a place of welcome where people may find your love, your smile, your warmth and strength to continue walking with you.

Gracious Father, you know the many challenges we face on this adventure. Help us to keep Jesus right at the centre; let us always hold tightly to his love, forgiveness and joy, especially when the road at times seems so tough.

Gracious Father, we thank you for Jesus, your beloved Son. May his love shine from this place, and grant that many who are drawn to Scargill may leave rejoicing and renewed in your love and hope.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

candle lit in the handsPlease pray…

In the right column, you’ll find a list of prayer points which are currently important to us. These will change from time to time.

We’d be very grateful if you would remember these concerns in your own prayers, either as a midday prayer as we do, or at any time!

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