Phil Stone & Andreas Andersson

This is an online-only event.

[Note this is a hybrid event with guests online and also in-house – see also in-house event]

Is it not our longing to see God’s kingdom on earth as in heaven! In this week we will explore what that might look like. Prayer is relationship; a way of being in the world defined by presence, love and grace. And the prayer Jesus taught His disciples is not a half bad way of helping us lean into that stance. Using that prayer as framework we will explore prayer itself, the kingdom of God, forgiveness, hospitality and much more. Art, poetry and music will help guide us, alongside the riches of the bible and our own stories. Phil is director at Scargill. Andreas is a pastor & musician who was previously chaplain at Scargill.

The closing date for booking this online event is 2pm on Sunday 22nd September.

Session times:


8pm Welcomes and opening words/overview


10am worship and Session 1

11:30am Session 2


10am worship and Session 3

11:30am Session 4

[opportunity to join livestream Evening Prayer service 4:30-5:10pm]


10am worship and Session 5


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