Roy Searle

This is an online-only event.

[Note this is a hybrid event with guests online and also in-house – see also in-house event]

Living as disciples of Christ, we are called to reflect the heart of God and make a difference for good in the world. Join Roy as we explore what it means to be a people of blessing, living gently and generously. Gentleness and generosity are life giving. They are both gifts and disciplines that require cultivating and nurturing. We will explore these two areas of life that are rooted in a relationship with God and the call to live in ways that bring blessings to the world. Roy is a popular and regular retreat leader, a Companion and one of the founders of the Northumbria Community, a member of the Northumbrian Collective team and former President of the Baptist Union.

Session times:

Monday: 7:45pm login for 8pm Welcomes and Opening Session

Tuesday 10am Session 12, 11:30am Session 2

Wednesday 10am Session 3, 11:30am Session 4

Thursday 10am Session 5

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