Do you feel a call to community?

After the Second World War there was a turn to community inspired by God’s Holy Spirit, and communities and retreat centres like Lee Abbey were set up. Some believe there will be a similar turn to the kingdom and early church value of community in our post-pandemic lockdown world, as many reassess their priorities in the light of the shaking of all our old certainties.

Scargill Movement as a vibrant international community of all ages set in 90 acres of God’s beautiful creation offers the hospitality and the generosity of the kingdom to guests coming on retreat looking to experience wellbeing, healing and transformation.

We are now asking God’s Holy Spirit to lead to us those called to join community in this new season as we move forward on the road map to recovery along with so many others. If that is you, and your heart is being moved to explore the more of God’s life in all its fullness then follow this link and send us an inquiry.

This was posted on 3 April 2021.

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