A boys eye view of growing up in community

Nick Barker (son of Arthur) shares childhood memories of growing up at Scargill

Scargill was a great place to grow up. I enjoyed the wide spaces and camping on the ledge above the House. The stars were amazing.

I remember my mother cooking for thirty each day when working parties came up from Bradford churches to prepare the House and grounds for opening.

My Father was usually up at the house so we didn’t see a lot of him, but the fun of living with the community made up for that.

Apart from my parents, Brenda Bracewell was the first to come as secretary, and after that others joined.

They were great folk and the picture of us all brings back happy memories.

Father’s and Son’s weeks were fun with caving and climbing as activities. Dick Marsh was a great speaker, making the Christian faith a reality.

I remember the television coming and doing an outside broadcast of a service in the field.

I helped Stephen Butcher who kept sheep in the field.  We enjoyed river bathing at Throstle’s Nest where he and Moira lived.

We helped clean out the main water tank on the hill, which seemed enormous inside.

One day there was a huge thunderstorm. A tree behind the house was struck. Sparks leapt from the phones. From my bedroom window I saw a great fire ball hurtle down the dale towards Kilnsey.

A few keen folk used to walk the Yorkshire Three Peaks all the way from Scargill. I can remember returners in the evening dragging themselves up the drive to finish.

This was posted on 17 May 2019.

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