The Journey Day 6

Tue 15th May : Day 6

This morning some of us had morning prayer with the Aston Community, whilst the remainder set off to Aston Parish church to take part in morning prayers there. As ever, we are also so grateful to our various hosts for opening their homes to us, and for showing us such generous hospitality.

This morning we say goodbye to one of our pilgrims, PK, as he remains in Aston preparing to travel to London and then Hungary on Wednesday. It is with heavy hearts that we bid him farewell and re-pack the car. Our load is lighter without PK, but at least we have a giant jigsaw to remember him by, safely packed away and destined for Scargill. Enough said about the jigsaw. We are also reflective – PK was by far the best photographer in the group, and we wonder how we will survive without him.

We reach our new destination within the Derbyshire Dales, and Esther has bravely stepped up to the plate and volunteered to take the group photo…

We miss PK…

Pat is the host, and has bravely invited all five of us to stay in her wonderful house in Great Longstone within the Derbyshire National Park. The group heads up to nearby Longstone Edge to take in the beauty of the local landscape. Whilst there, Paul decides he will try his hand at photography, and he lines up another group selfie.

We miss PK…

Pat has invited quite a few friends of Lee Abbey and Scargill to her home, and we enjoy tea, cake and good conversation in the garden, with a backdrop of beautiful Derbyshire countryside.

Afterwards, we all make our way through the village, stopping to pray at key locations. The village is very vibrant – alive, very much a working village. But there are still some significant areas in which God’s breakthrough and protection are particularly needed.

{Photo 4 – Group prayer walk} Sorry this picture is missing at the moment. Maybe PK has it? – ed.

Our walk eventually leads us to the Crispin Pub, where we tuck in to some wonderful food. After the meal, a pub quiz has been organised. Paul seems to have prophetic tendencies – his table adopts the name ‘Winners’ and beyond anyone’s expectation it actually comes to pass. He’s as humble as ever. We are pleased for him!

The evening finishes back at Pat’s house with evening prayer.

This was posted on 16 May 2018.

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