The Journey Day 5

Mon 14th May : Day 5

Some of us forgetting what day it is, or what date, or even both. But we’re pretty sure that this is Day 5, which must make it the halfway point for the Journey.

So, Day 5 begins with a prayer meeting in St Peter’s Church, Kineton. We are so impressed at the creativity of the local community in constructing a prayer tent within the church.


Once again, we are treated to an unexpected but lavish breakfast. We thank our generous hosts once again for their wonderful hospitality which help us so much on the Journey.

A short time later we’re back on the road. We do a car swap as we pass my home near Warwick. It’s also an opportunity to lose some luggage – the hand drill is deposited here, but PK’s unreasonably large jigsaw journeys on. Perhaps it will help us see the bigger picture?

We arrive at the house of the Lee Abbey Aston Community and are made to feel welcome by two of the Community – James and Will. A couple of us go to see the work of the local Foodbank and to chat with the volunteers and clients.


Paul and I spend a few hours at the Salvation Army Youth & Community Centre, where Jo and Paul (also members of the Aston Lee Abbey Community) are leaders. They show us around, and we spend time with some of the local kids as they enjoy some time out and games together.


On our way back to the Community house Paul and I receive a photo of our colleagues enjoying chocolate ice-creams. This is perfect… Or is it?! When we catch up with them, their excuses are contradictory and flimsy – ‘last ones in the shop’ and ‘they’d have melted’. Only an hour earlier we’d acknowledged that nothing is impossible for God, and yet… We will decide later whether to forgive!

After a meal, the Aston Community has arranged a prayer meeting / prayer walk at the local church. We pray for their work here, and for the local area. This is a predominantly Muslim area, and our prayers extend to the Muslim community as they prepare for the start of Ramadan.


This was posted on 15 May 2018.

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