The Journey Day 2

Fri 11th May : Day 2

Day 2 began at the Knowle West Community with morning prayers, reflecting on the previous day’s activities, the mission of their Community, and the day and journey to come. And, following a photo call by the front door, we readied ourselves for the journey to ou

We split into two groups – one striding out with Esther for South Ealing Tube Station, to continue their journey to London by rail. The other, (Tim and Paul) had been invited to do two morning assemblies at a local school – the School of Christ the King Primary School.

The school assemblies were a real joy – the kids were attentive and well behaved. Paul had created a fantastic prop (aka four card strips, hinged) which was used to help tell the story of the man lowered through the roof of a house by his friends, to be healed by Jesus. Through a series of amazing cardboard contortions, the strip became a bed, morphed into a pair of legs, then a window, a door, a figure ‘4’, a pitched roof, flat roof and a rope. The kids seemed to really enjoy it, learning in the process about the Scargill/Lee Abbey journey, the importance and value of friendship, and how friends can work together to help point people towards Jesus.

We eventually all gathered at the next destination – Lee Abbey London. Another warm welcome awaited us, and wonderful hospitality.

The Lee Abbey London Christian Community provides accommodation for students of all faiths or none. The evening was spent mingling with students, following which Christian Comedian and Magician, Tom Elliott, provided the evening’s entertainment. Jonathan was clearly keen to be involved – why else would anyone sit on the front row?! And involved he was, much to our great delight. A wonderful evening had by all, good conversations and good fun.

This was posted on 13 May 2018.

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