The Journey Day 10

Sat 19th May : Day 10

Is this really Day 10? If it is, our Journey must be coming to a close?

As we say goodbye to a number of our hosts outside St James Church, Bradford I try my hand at a selfie. I have the idea to use a 10 second timer on my phone (I’ve seen PK doing something similar). Success! A selfie in which we’re all in the picture.


We arrive at Scargill an hour later. Balloons adorn the driveway, and bunting too. It may be in part for the royal wedding, but in our now found humility we decide it’s for us! Community and friends form a human tunnel for us to walk through as we make our way the final few yards into the doors of Scargill House. After the Bradford selfie I’m still feeling confident, and I pass my phone to Jonathan to take a pic of us passing through the human tunnel. Afterwards, I see Jonathan looking perturbed. It seems I left the 10 second timer on. We seem to have left the tunnel by the time the photo is taken…

We do still miss and love our fellow pilgrim PK, for all that he brought to this Journey (and not just because he really did know how to work a camera). Oh, and in case PK was wondering – the jigsaw has now made it to Scargill where it was gratefully received…

So, we’ve now travelled 900 miles, spent 9 nights in 9 different beds, never quite being quite sure where we are or have just come from. We’ve met many people in different situations and have had so many conversations. Some areas have been affluent, others deprived. But we’ve been made so welcome at every location.

We’ve really bonded too, becoming our own little community – loving, laughing and supporting each other through the ups and downs of the journey. We have experienced what it means to BE community in addition to DOING community. And we have felt God’s presence with us throughout.

And so it only remains for us to thank all who have provided support along the way and to those who have followed us on the blog. Over the coming weeks we will compile and publish the whole blog and will invite and include our own reflections plus any we receive from the communities we’ve joined along the way.

To you all,

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, wherever we journey in this world…

This was posted on 21 May 2018.

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