Phil and Di Stone ‘seconded’ to Lee Abbey Devon.

A special request for prayer from our Chair of the Scargill Council, Bishop Chris Edmondson.

Dear Friends and Companions,

May I please ask for a special covering and support in prayer for Phil and Di Stone, and the community at Scargill, as, for at least an initial period from mid October to early December 2016, Phil and Di will be at Lee Abbey, Devon, during which time, Phil will be the Acting Warden there.

The reason for this is that back in July, Simon Holland, the recently appointed Warden in Devon was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Following surgery, he now has to undergo a minimum of seven weeks of radiotherapy in Exeter, starting on the 17th October. Simon’s necessary ‘absence’ from the community also coincides with a significant shortage of people on the chaplaincy and pastoral team there, though a new senior Chaplain has just arrived, which is good news.

Phil was recently speaking in Devon, and while there. had a strong sense from the Lord that, given Scargill’s relative strength currently in Leadership and chaplaincy provision, he should offer to ‘step into the breach’ while Simon has his treatment.

Phil shared this conviction with Simon and the Chair of the Devon Board, James Denniston, who described it as a ‘remarkable and wonderfully generous offer’. In addition to my personal support from the word go, this offer has subsequently been unanimously endorsed by the Scargill Council, as well as having the full support of the leadership team and community at Scargill.

All of you who know the story of Scargill’s ‘resurrection’ in recent years, are aware that we wouldn’t be where we are today, had it not been for Lee Abbey’s generosity, both in terms of finance and expertise that was offered in those early years. To be able now to ‘give back’ in this way,takes to an even deeper level the the ever-growing partnership in the Gospel, which the two communities, their leadership and councils, are sharing.

So, please do pray for Phil and Di, for our Operations Manager Dave Lucas, as he becomes Acting Director at Scargill, and for others in the community, especially members of the Leadership Team as they take on extra responsibilities during this period. And of course, please also pray for Lord’s healing and peace for Simon and Anne Holland as well as for everyone involved at Lee Abbey, Devon.

Thank you so very much.
+Chris Edmondson.

This was posted on 17 October 2016.

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