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scargillphil is now live! This is where Phil Stone, our loveable, huggable director, gives us regular updates into the weird and wonderful life at Scargill letting us know what he’s up to and what’s going on. Phil, equal parts loving encourager and windup merchant, will keep us up to date with activities, events and prayer requests and give us little snapshots of community life. There will also be plenty of information about how you can get involved at life at Scargill. To kick things off we asked Phil to give us an insight into the nature of community living…

Di and I have now been at Scargill for three years. I was musing with a group of clergy from Bradford Diocese that it has been the toughest as well as the most rewarding three years of my life. The heart of Scargill is “Lives shared lives transformed”, and at the centre is the transforming love of Jesus. Scargill is a wonderful place, set in the Yorkshire Dales’ commanding fabulous views, and living in community with thirty others from many different countries, cultures, backgrounds, is such a rich experience, where at  times there is harmony, with plenty of love and laughter and at other moments discord and dis-ease. Community life will always, and should always have a fragility about it, and it is in that fragility that we can grow and mature.

Keep watching this space every Sunday for more updates from Phil.

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