Adrian & Bridget Plass

When I wanted to become a Christian writer someone said, ‘Read Christian stuff and see how it’s done.’ They might have added, ‘Then do something completely different.’ Brilliant advice, that would have been. Fortunately, I was emotionally distracted enough to discover that second strand for myself. I took myself into my writing, wondering if my perspective might be unique, and that adventure made all the difference. I told the truth, and suddenly, amazingly, because so many identified with that truth, I found that I was not alone. A shared and productive freedom. Aha! Strange business.

Bridget and I want to explore this interesting equation, and we invite new or experienced writers to join us. If you already risk investing your true self into your work, do it some more. If the notion is new or threatening, we offer a safe place to get started. See you at Scargill.

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