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Voyages in Narnia – Half Term Activities

Welcome Narnians!

We hope you’ll find something on this webpage that will inspire you and help you to have some creative fun this week. If you do any of the activities suggested, please come along to our “show us what you’ve made” tea party, or email any photos or videos to


If you don’t know the story of the Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C S Lewis, why not watch our summaries by Helen Brocklehurst? We’ve split it into 4 parts so that you can have a breather in between each part – or listen to a different part each day if you prefer. They’re all less than 8 minutes long. You could draw pictures while you listen if you wish – or act out the story, if that sounds like more fun to you!

Story Summary – Part 1
Story Summary – Part 2
Story Summary – Part 3
Story Summary – Part 4

Activity Videos

Some of the videos below start with a recap of the relevant part of the story, so feel free to zip past that on to the main activity if you’re already up to date with the story. (Different people read the story sections and explain the activities, so look out for the change in person when you’re scrolling through.)


Making – your own Dawn Treader
Making – a cardboard box puppet theatre
Making – design your own island
Making – an underwater World
Underwater Scene
Yummy pizzas


Doing – create your own treasure hunt
Doing – non-speaking challenge
Doing – floating flower prayers

We know lots of you have enjoyed doing these activities. We’ve added a few photos below to give you a flavour of what people have been up to.

Cardboard box Dawn Treader


This section is aimed at those who are a little older. These are just a few ideas thrown up by the story that you might like to think about. Maybe they will give you ideas for poetry or art work or journaling or simply a bit of day dreaming – wherever your creativity takes you.

Thinking – Phil explores dealing with nightmares
Thinking – Mike looks and Reepicheep and how he longs for Aslan’s country
Thinking – Wendy looks at Aslan removing your dragon layers
Dawn Treader cardboard/lego combo!

Resource Templates

Here are the templates and links mentioned in the video clips:

Template for Floating Prayer Flowers

Click here for instructions on making a cardboard Dawn Treader.

Summary of all the islands they visited

Click here to see a version of the British Sign Language fingerspelling alphabet

Here’s the recipe used at the Cook-along