Half Term Jungle Book Quiz

  • Half Term Jungle Book Quiz

    Missing your Scargill silliness? Why not join us for some typically Scargillian family fun on Zoom on Wednesday 28th October at 7:30pm. There'll be fun, competition, silliness, jungly-type-stuff, questions, clips and, hopefully, YOU! If you've ever taken part in a Half Term quiz or tournament or quizament or tournaquiz, you'll know what to expect - only on Zoom instead! There is no charge for this fun quiz.
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  • You will receive an automated copy of the information you have submitted on this form. Further details of the event including the Zoom link will be sent in a few days time. Please let us know you want to join us for the quiz by 2:00pm on Wednesday 28th October, so we can get the Zoom link out to you in time.