Bishop Chris Edmondson

This is an online-only event.

[This is a hybrid event with people attending both in-house and on-line. See also in-house event.]

How is your sense of direction?! Whether it’s good or not, I feel sure like me, you’ll have had experiences of being lost, or taking wrong turnings. The Old Testament book of Exodus tells the story of the people of Israel’s 40 years wandering in the wilderness… which could have been a lot shorter, had it not been for wrong turnings and doses of disobedience!

Maybe you’re currently not sure where God is leading you, feel in a cul de sac, or that he’s left you to wander alone in a wilderness. If  so, we’d love you to come and join us, as we explore what we can learn from these ancient, but very relevant experiences of wandering and wondering.

We will be led on the journey by Bishop Chris Edmondson, Chair of the Scargill Movement.

Session times:

Mon 6th February: 8pm Welcomes and opening words/overview

Tue 7th February: 10am opening worship and Session 1; 11:30am Session 2

Wed 8th February: 10am opening worship and Session 3; 11:30am Session 4

[opportunity to join livestream Evening Prayer service 4:30-5:10pm]

Thu 9th February: 10am opening worship and Session 5

Bookings for this event will close on Sunday 5th February at 2pm.

If you book onto this event, you will receive an e-mail from us by 6pm on Sunday 5th February with further details of the event including the links (Zoom and/or YouTube).

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