Christopher Landau , Adrian & Esther Stone

[This is a hybrid event with people attending both in-house and on-line. See also on-line event.]

This retreat is for church leaders (and spouses are welcome) who are working for Holy Spirit renewal in little, local and ordinary churches.

This can be a tough place, especially for the long haul, and this is an opportunity to spend some time away and with others working in similar contexts, to refresh the batteries.

The retreat will be led by ReSource for Anglican Renewal Ministries ( and the programme will include worship, teaching, ministry times and plenty of space for personal prayer, walking, talking and doing whatever is needed to replenish what life, ministry and the pandemic have depleted.

If you would like to attend, but the cost of the ticket is a difficulty for you, then contact Phil in confidence about a bursary to help with the cost.

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