A Rocha - Scargill and Team

This is a specialist conference not open for general bookings.

A Rocha and Scargill have sent out specific invitations to a wide group of people who are directly involved with the issues facing the uplands, and who are interesting in finding a good way forward.

Upland areas in the UK cover approximately 40% of the UK’s land area and consist of wide tracts of moorland, peat bog, forest, wooded valleys, sheep farms, grouse and deer estates and mountain tops. The majority of upland areas are designated as Less Favoured Areas (LFA’s) and have been heavily subsidised by the UK government to ensure that farmers are receiving an income from some of the last productive land in the country.

With the exit from the European Union (EU) there is an opportunity to look again at our upland areas and think through their purpose.

We have a range of excellent speakers booked (including senior members of the church, Christian landowners and others) who will share their passion and expertise on the uplands.

There will be opportunities to think and talk through the ideas that arise from the sessions.

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