Ken Whiteway , Phil Stone

Ever been intrigued by what John meant in his gospel when, speaking of Jesus, he writes: ‘From his fullness we have received grace upon grace’? As the hymn says, it is ‘amazing.’ Paul in his letter to the Ephesians speaks passionately about God’s generous love that is found in Christ, abundant, immeasurable, more than our imaginations can comprehend! It’s lavishly given. But what does it mean and how should grace be worked out in our lives? What would we, or our churches, look like if we lived in this grace? There will be teaching, Bible study, creative activities and lots of fun! Phil is Director at Scargill and Ken was for many years a minister of an independent church in Middlesbrough. Phil and Ken are good friends and they look forward to warmly welcoming you as we delve deep in understanding what grace means for us today.