Sally Welch

A practical and spiritual introduction to pilgrimage. The word ‘pilgrim’ is full of adventure – it conjures up images of roads and paths, new places and companions, challenges and surprises. In this retreat we explore what it means to be a Christian pilgrim and how a pilgrim spirit can transform our lives. We will learn about the historic context of Christian pilgrimage in Europe and beyond, before venturing further, looking at both the inward and outer journey. We will reflect on the way in which pilgrimage spirituality helps us to understand better our landscape, ourselves and God, using periods of stillness and silence as well as activity and discussion. Guided pilgrimages will be offered with alternative activities available. Sally Welch is an experienced pilgrim who has undertaken many pilgrimages in the UK and Europe. She has written books on pilgrimage and the labyrinth, and leads workshops and retreats throughout the country. She is the Editor of BRF New Daylight Bible Reading Notes, and the Vicar of a Cotswold parish.