Roy Searle

This is an online-only event.

[This is a hybrid event with attendees both in-house and online. See also in-house.]

Shaken and stirred by happenings in the world, how do we focus on the things that really matter? In this retreat, Roy and Phil will be encouraging us have our hearts rooted and orientated in loving God, our minds attuned to think deeply about life and faith and our lives expressing both authenticity and generosity.

Phil and Roy are good mates and it is a delight to have them sharing and leading a retreat together again. Phil is the Director of Scargill Community and Roy, a Companion and former leader of the Northumbria Community, spends much of his time writing and commenting on contemporary life, mentoring pioneers and missional leaders, teaching and doing advisory and consultancy work with churches and charities.

If you would like to attend, but the cost of the ticket is a difficulty for you, then contact Phil in confidence about a bursary to help with the cost.

Session times:

Monday 3rd October 8pm

Tuesday 4th October 10am; 11:30am

Wednesday 5th October 10am; 11:30am

Thursday 6th October 10am

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