Margi Walker , Phil Stone

Jesus at his baptism heard the affirmation of his Father, ‘This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.’ Jesus lived, moved, died and rose again in the deep understanding that he knew he was the Beloved in order that we too may live in this truth. Yet as followers of Jesus it is sometimes so hard to believe. ‘Is it really true? Is it possible? Beloved? You must be having a laugh! In this guided retreat, Phil and Margi will encourage us to explore together what stops us living and moving in this amazing truth and then dare to begin to believe that each one of us is God’s Beloved. Phil is no stranger in exploring this truth for himself and with others. It is a life time’s work but worth it. Margi is a member of the pastoral team at Scargill.


About Margi Walker

Margi Walker is an Anglican minister and member of the Scargill Community Pastoral Team.