Adrian & Bridget Plass

Films like La La Land are designed to let us escape into the world of make-believe because that is exactly what we want. To coin a phrase usually associated with theatre, we happily ‘suspend our disbelief’ in order to enter a make believe world of colour and light. What about broader concepts of reality and unreality? We talk aboutm‘heaven,’ for instance, and although we have shifted from images of Paradise that tend towards La La Land style, the concept continues to be hope wrapped in mystery. Do we use the idea of heaven to distract us from the grim reality of life here on earth, or is our earthly life a depressing kitchen sink drama, encouraging us to dismiss hope and truth as La La land? What is real? What is not? Join us for a bright, light, La La time as we consider these imponderables.

A full youth and children programme will be available alongside the adult sessions.

(NB. The same Special rates apply for this week as for ‘Oh, for the love of chocolate!’)