Sheridan Voysey

A fun, practical retreat on forming and deepening adult friendship. The research is startling: friendship decreases anxiety and depression, improves our physical health, increases our happiness, and extends our lifespans. And yet the number of people saying they have no close friends increases by the year. Overlooked in popular culture, pushed aside by work and family demands, and weakened by a global pandemic, it’s time to get intentional about this foundational bond. In this retreat we will explore what friendship is (and isn’t), how one develops, how to overcome the barriers against it, plus ways to form and deepen it, while looking at friendship in the life of Jesus and the New Testament. And all in the warmth of Scargill’s welcoming community!

Sheridan is an author, speaker, and founder of He is a regular presenter of Pause for Thought on BBC Radio 2’s Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, and the author of eight books, including Resurrection Year and The Making of Us.

If you would like to attend, but the cost of the ticket is a difficulty for you, then contact Phil in confidence about a bursary to help with the cost.

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