Adrian & Bridget Plass

When Jesus asked Peter if he was going to leave him, Peter replied, ‘No, you have the words of eternal life.’ An inspired insight. Again and again Jesus made it abundantly clear that his task on earth was to bring people home to the God who loves them. He said he needed to leave this earth in order to prepare a place for his followers in heaven, a new home where they would live for ever. There was nothing airy-fairy about these confident assertions. But do we really believe these promises are for us? Let’s spend our day together revisiting our master’s radical promises of salvation, and hopefully rekindling fire in our hearts as we rejoice in the generosity of God.
Contact BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship) to book: 01865 319700
15 The Chambers, The Vineyard, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 3FE Price: Around £30