This residential, designed for clergy, is particularly suitable for those who have at least ten years of experience since ordination and some years ahead of them before reaching retirement age. It involves facilitated reflection on experience and wisdom already gained. As we celebrate that wisdom, we also consider how to make best use of it in the ministry that still lies ahead. Set within a worshipping and praying community in a beautiful location, this event includes elements of a retreat with plenty of opportunity of prayer.

Phil Stone writes:
I was on a similar course in London which proved very helpful and encouraging. It gave me new vision for my next step of ministry, and was part of a process that brought me to Scargill, enabling me to harness my gifting and passions.

The course aims to offer:
• Professional expertise in helping clergy to identify skills, strengths and
• Some tools to assist leaders in mission and ministry
• Help for clergy to consider options and possibilities for future ministry
• Within an environment of support and shared experience.

By the end of the residential, participants should:
• Be clearer in articulating their vision in their current ministry situation
• Have started a process of identifying options and preferences for future
ministry. Asking the questions: ‘If I stay what would that look like, and likewise,
if I go what would that look like too?’
• Have gained insights and learning of practical tools to assist them in setting
vision and goals for present and future ministry
• Have developed new and renewed insights of the place of support and
development in ministry.

Please note first time booking discount is not applicable to this course, but we would be happy to offer it on a subsequent visit.

There is also no en suite supplement applied to this programme. Rooms will be allocated on a first come first served basis.