Anna Smith , Sue Ives

Scargill is partnering once again with the Creative Arts Retreat Movement.

“Exploring Creativity’ will offer an opportunity to discover ways in which the journey of faith as a Christian may be enhanced by the gifts of creativity. No previous experience or ability is needed and there will be inspiration and guidance from both leaders. This is a time to experiment!

Ecclesiastes 3 is a powerful reflection on the passage of time. We want to use this as the basis for our exploration of creativity and prayer.

There will be no pressure or expectation to produce written or visual masterpieces – your individual response to God made in a way that reflects you is what counts! Come and be surprised, take time aside to reflect, to grow, to explore, and to delight in God’s presence. We hope you will come away with a better understanding of yourself, God and others.

As with all CARM Retreats there will be the opportunity to worship together, time for creative work, periods of silence from Night Prayer till about 10.00am the next day and of course lots of lovely food.

Sue Ives is a licensed Minister and also a Design Technology teacher. She is a recent convert to quilting and patchwork which has taken her world by storm! Sue loves the way in which being creative together can bring us closer to God.

Anna Smith studied art, theology and religious studies. While Anna loves textiles she likes to experiment with other media. She used to professionally designed Sunday School materials before getting involved with international Christian charities. Since moving to North Wales Anna plans to spend more time exploring the interplay between faith and art.