We often talk about life being a journey but what exactly does that mean and how can we be sure of where we’re going? It has been a long two years and the journey has been full of so many twists and turns.

Over these few days together we’ll take apart the clichés and look honestly at where we’ve been and where we’re heading and we may discover that God really is with us. We will look at Biblical characters and their journeying ‘home’ which very rarely took straight lines.

Rob Halligan is a singer/songwriter. His 2020 album ‘Always Heading Home’ has been described by Crossrhythms as ‘Magnificent’ and by his mum as ‘lovely’. (www.robhalligan.co.uk)

Phil is Director of Scargill. He and Rob have been friends for many years.

If you would like to attend, but the cost of the ticket is a difficulty for you, then contact Phil in confidence about a bursary to help with the cost.

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