Coronavirus Bookings Update

Monday 16th March 2020 at 21:00

Dear Friends

Below is an update on our bookings regarding the Coronavirus situation but before that I would like the opportunity to give a reflection.

These are unprecedented times, and the Coronavirus has highlighted our fragility, which has always been there.  Now fear is palpable as life becomes chaotic and we seem out of control.

As followers of Jesus we have a different narrative to the anxiety that is around us; ‘we are drawn by hope and not driven by fear.’  What does that look like?  It will be praying to Jesus Christ, resting in his grace, lifting the whole situation into his light.  It will be love and kindness which also can be infectious, and is stronger than fear.  There is a poster in my room that says ‘small things matter, particularly small things done in love.’  It will be asking our gracious God daily how we can be his love to those around us, particularly those who are vulnerable.  We will need so much God’s love and wisdom (as well as kindness, humour and plenty of tea!)  Let’s hold each other in our prayers during these very difficult and challenging times.



During this period when we are unable to welcome guests, the resident community at Scargill continues with its daily rhythm of prayer…

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Also you can keep up to date with the latest musings and news from community…

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Bookings Update

On Monday 16th March 2020 the UK government issued instructions that people should avoid all non-essential travel and contact with others to help curb Coronavirus.  As a result of this, we have taken the decision that, for the time being, Scargill cannot welcome guests to come and stay with us.

We do not know the length of time the Coronavirus situation will impact us in this way.  For bookings, we are operating a rolling 8 week period which we are reviewing as the situation progresses.  In the light of this, please refer to the relevent section below depending on when you are due to be arriving for your visit.

I am due to arrive for my visit within the next 8 weeks, what happens about my booking?

As you can appreciate the Coronavirus situation is having a significant impact on our income.
We would like you to prayerfully consider the following three options that we are offering you in relation to your booking :

      1. Transfer your booking to a future date
      2. Gift to Scargill all or part of the fees for your booking as a way of supporting us through this difficult time
      3. Receive a full refund

Please contact the office, preferably by e-mail (, or by telephone (01756 760500), to let us know what you would like us to do about your booking.

I am due to arrive for my visit in more than 8 weeks, what happens about my booking?

At this time we ask that you bear with us to see how long this situation continues to impact us in this way.  If you feel you need to cancel your booking at this stage anyway, then our normal cancellation terms apply.  At this stage of more than 8 weeks before your arrival, you would forfeit your non-refundable deposit.  Contact the office if you want to do this but we would encourage you to wait until nearer the time of your visit before making a decision.