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A boys eye view of growing up in community

Nick Barker (son of Arthur) shares childhood memories of growing up at Scargill Scargill was a great place to grow up. I enjoyed the wide spaces and camping on the …

This was posted on 17 May 2019.

A Time to Dance – Walter’s Story

My memories of Scargill 60 years ago are of a different age.  For example, little traffic. I could run (O golden days,) from the house to Kettlewell, over the bridge, …

This was posted on 12 April 2019.

Audreys Blog

The rest of Audreys Blog can be read here

This was posted on 19 August 2018.

The Lord is My Shepherd

The Lord is My Shepherd       This area has miles and miles of stone fences dividing pastures. To my American eyes, it is so beautiful. (And I also …

This was posted on 30 July 2018.

Audrey’s sabbatical part 2

Read Audrey’s second installment here: What in the world am I doing here? Part 2.

This was posted on 20 July 2018.

The Journey Day 10

Sat 19th May : Day 10 Is this really Day 10? If it is, our Journey must be coming to a close? As we say goodbye to a number of …

This was posted on 21 May 2018.

The Journey Day 9

Fri 18th May : Day 9 Day 9 dawns bright and sunny in Southport. We have had a lot of sunshine on this journey, and have discovered warmth in every …

This was posted on 21 May 2018.

The Journey Day 8

Thu 17th May : Day 8 As Day 8 dawns here in Manchester, we begin to sense that the end of the Journey is coming into sight. There are mixed …

This was posted on 18 May 2018 and updated on 21 May 2018.

The Journey Day 7

Wed 16th May : Day 7 Day 7 opens in Great Longstone. A much cooler and breezier day today. But before we step out together into the cold morning, I …

This was posted on 17 May 2018.
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