How we’re funded

We cover our the costs of running the house, estate and our day-to-day activities in many ways:

What we received in 2013

Pie chart of income sources

Gifts £281,253
Conferences & guests £468,922
Legacies & grants £73,115
Biomass loan £200,000
Total income £1,023,290

What we spent in 2013

Pie chart of expenditure categories

Conference & catering costs £160,966
Community costs £108,478
Utilities & repairs £151,184
Operating costs £64,168
Fundraising £3,888
Biomass boiler £453,580
Total costs £942,264


Total income £1,023,290
Total costs £942,264
Cash reserves available for future years £81,026

Donations to our loan appeal

In order to purchase the Scargill estate in 2009, our trustees received loans totalling £1.03 million from Lee Abbey and others. In order to repay these loans, we have launched the Move the Mountain Appeal. Gifts Aid on donations to this appeal is returned to the loan repayment fund. Almost half of the amount borrowed was repaid in March 2011, but we still need to raise over half a million pounds.

Scargill’s bursary fund

We operate a bursary fund which pays for people to visit Scargill when they could not otherwise afford to do so. Paying guests often contribute into this fund; please let us know if you would like to do so.